The Most Common Sewer Line Issues for Homeowners

Common Sewer Line Issues for Homeowners

A home’s sewer system is one of the most important for convenience and health and safety. No one complains about not having to use the old-fashioned outhouse! A home’s sewer lines ensure wastewater is removed from the structure in a safe, healthy and efficient way. It may not be considered polite Southern conversation, but every home has a sewer system, and it’s important that they run well. At Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, we employ highly trained plumbers to help with your sewer line needs. Whether you’re located in Opelika or Auburn, just call Dixie and it’s done!

Sewer Line Problems to Look Out For

There are many things that can cause the need for sewer line repairs. If neglected or overlooked, sewer line challenges can escalate into major, and possibly, expensive issues. 

Worse than the unexpected costs, a malfunctioning or broken sewer line can cause unsanitary conditions that put your health at risk. Once you know what to be aware of, you can help ensure your sewer lines run smoothly for a long, long time. Here are a few of the potential issues to consider:

Roots of trees and plants. – Trees and plant roots can wreak havoc with underground sewer lines. The tiny tendrils of plant roots seek moisture, so even the smallest crack in the sewer line can invite trouble. Tree roots cause potential problems when they infiltrate the line, sometimes causing not only breaks, but complete blockages. If you need a sewer line repair, Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air can help.

Clogs and Backups. – A lot of homeowners put things down drains that seem harmless but over the long term can cause problems. Flushable wipes really aren’t. They can attach to rough areas inside the pipes or adhere to other materials being tossed down the drains, like grease. Another big no no. Sometimes clogs or backups occur just from normal daily use. Dixie services a broad area in Central Alabama. If you need a plumber in Auburn or Opelika, just call Dixie.

Pipe Corrosion or Breaks. – Pipes can corrode or deteriorate over time. The results are cracks, breaks or even complete collapse. Unfortunately, since sewer lines are underground, the damage may go undetected for years. When a break occurs, the wastewater will run into the ground. Eventually, the ground above will become soft and wet. If you see an area like this in your yard, you could need a sewer line repair. 

Don’t take chances with your sewer lines. Take care of clogs and slow running drains immediately to improve the chance of avoiding bigger plumbing problems down the road. Call Dixie and it’s done!