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When Do I Need to Hire An Electrician for My Home Repairs?

Electrician from Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air inspecting a home's electrical system

We understand that many homeowners would rather save time and money by addressing the issues themselves when it comes to home repairs or upgrades. After all, there’s a YouTube video for almost any home repair, including electrical ones. 

Four Projects That Would Benefit From A Licensed Electrician

But when dealing with
electricity, we tell homeowners always to play it safe. You never know when a simple electrical project can turn into one that’s vastly more complex (or more dangerous).

Here are a few times we recommend hiring a professional electrician. 

1. Replacing An Electric Outlet

Do you know or feel like it’s time to replace your home’s electric outlets? This project is a time when it’s essential to call a professional electrician. 

Many outlets or wires can begin to wear down in as little as five years, making them susceptible to a host of issues. If the outlets age enough, they can also cause sparks or even fires. 

Checking your home’s wires every few years ensures that your outlets are up to the task of powering your home’s many devices and appliances and can quickly become an overwhelming task even for the most experienced DIY-er. 

2. Fixing or Replacing Light Fixtures

There’s nothing like new light fixtures to make your home feel more modern and current (no pun intended), but an experienced professional can do the job right the first time. 

Homeowners who do not have previous electrical experience should hire an electrician for any electrical project – even something as simple as changing out a light fixture. 

Even if wiring is already in place, or if you need new wiring or switches, the job of installing, replacing, or repairing light fixtures is never complete until it’s done correctly and safely. 

3. Ceiling Fan Installation

Similar to the above regarding light fixtures, ceiling fans require knowledge of electrical elements and wiring. Not to mention, hiring a professional is often less time-consuming and much safer than attempting a DIY route. 

Plus, depending on the overall height of the room, you may or may not have the proper equipment to attempt the installation yourself. 

4. Electrical Panel Work

If your home was built before the year 2000, it might be time to consider an electric panel replacement or upgrade seriously. Most homes built today can handle the increased demands on your electric system, but homes build over 25 years ago (or over that) might be straining to keep up with today’s electrical needs. 

Since your electrical panel powers your whole home, it’s best not to leave it up to DIY skills, as impressive as they may be. Instead, call an experienced electrician to walk you through the process, so you know what to expect. 


Call Dixie, and it’s done! 

These projects might not seem like a huge undertaking, but they can easily overwhelm an inexperienced DIY-er or homeowner. Working with electricity can be a dangerous task, so we always recommend hiring a professional whenever possible. 

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