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5 Tips For Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Commercial Building

Improve indoor air quality in a commercial building

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. While it’s possible to identify signs of pollution in the air outside, it can be much more difficult to detect issues indoors. 

Indoor air quality should be a priority for employers and business owners. If you are looking to boost health and wellbeing and create safe, clean, inviting workspaces, it’s hugely beneficial to be proactive in improving air quality.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Commercial Property


At Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, we know the importance of indoor air quality for your home and business. If you’re on a mission to ensure your employees and clients can breathe easy, here are five steps you can take today.

1. Clean Up

Keeping your commercial building clean is essential for eliminating dust and other allergens and removing contaminants from the air. A sparkling clean workspace will also create a safer, more pleasant environment for your employees and potential customers. Ensure that you have rigorous cleaning and hygiene policies in place and consider hiring a professional cleaning firm.


2. Promote Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is essential, as it helps your facility rid itself of moisture, smoke, dust, and other indoor pollutants. Opening the windows and doors helps fresh air to circulate, preventing offices and indoor facilities from feeling stuffy or claustrophobic.


3. Use Air-Cleaning Systems and Devices

Air-cleaning systems and devices, such as dehumidifiers and air purifiers, are an effective means of maintaining good air quality indoors. Look for products that are approved by the EPA, and consider the long-term benefits of each product. While a portable dehumidifier or air purifier may solve current needs, installing these devices into your HVAC system may heighten their effectiveness.


4. Test the Air Frequently

Air pollutants can cause severe damage to your employees’ health and safety. Ensuring your facility’s indoor air quality is a vital part of overall work health and safety. By testing the quality of the air inside your commercial building, you can better understand the current status of your building’s air and how to improve it.


5. Invest in Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

Businesses and commercial enterprises in Alabama rely on air conditioning to provide relief during hot, humid summers. When you are operating a business, it’s incredibly beneficial to partner with a local maintenance service provider. With routine maintenance, you can proactively keep your systems running efficiently and reduce the risk of needing future HVAC repair. 

The Dixie Difference: We Care About Your Health

If the air quality is poor, employees and customers may face a greater risk of developing illnesses, including respiratory conditions. They may also be more susceptible to infections and airborne illnesses. If you run a business and you have staff or clients spending long periods indoors, taking steps to enhance air quality will make a positive difference. 

Take it from us, procrastinating on indoor air quality will not save you money, time, and resources in the long run. When we come to do routine maintenance at your facility, we’ll give you an honest report on how to keep your employees healthy and your facility at peak performance all year long.


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