The best way to avoid disaster is to train and prepare to avoid disaster. Specifically, we are talking about fire prevention for your business or company in Auburn, Opelika, and Montgomery, AL. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is here to help because we can all use a refresher course from time to time.

Evacuation Plans

You are responsible for keeping employees and customers safe. One important step is having an evacuation plan. Also remember, there may be specific fire code requirements for certain types of buildings and occupancies regarding evacuation plans.


An evacuation plan is no good if no one knows what to do. Evacuation drills should be held regularly for all shifts and all employees. They can be announced ahead of time or be unscheduled. The key to fire safety training is to make the drills as realistic as possible. You must try to duplicate what would happen if there was a real fire. Again, depending on the type of business, evacuation drills may be required by law. Make sure you know what the regulations are.

Fire Prevention

The best kind of fire safety is fire prevention. As simple as that sounds we find that many companies simply don’t have a detailed plan or schedule to test and maintain equipment that could present a fire danger. A good fire prevention plan includes multiple facets.


There should be an electrical inspection electrician annually as part of an electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) program. This should be done by a licensed electrician who has sophisticated tools like infrared scanners for thermal imaging. All electrical components, saws, presses, pumps, motors, etc., should be inspected on a regular basis. Any needed repairs should be done immediately, or the item should be taken out of service until the problem can be fixed.

Fire Extinguishers

Coordinate with your local fire department to determine the number, size, and location requirements for fire extinguishers in your business. Regulations vary because some businesses need a greater level of protection because there are greater hazards. Do not assume everyone knows how to use a fire extinguisher properly. This is another chance to enlist the help of the fire department. Make arrangements for a firefighter to demonstrate the proper use against a particular type of fire.

Prioritize Safety

Cutting corners or try to save money when it comes to fire safety and fire prevention is not recommended. The results can be disastrous for you, your employees, and your customers. For more help or information schedule your safety inspection with Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air.