Electric Maintenance

Electric Maintenance

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Electric Maintenance

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    Our roots run deep at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. Our company started in 1908 when the electrical revolution was in its infancy. As a result of our long history we know the importance of electrical maintenance.

    No longer a luxury

    Over the decades, electricity has made our lives easier, more productive, and more comfortable. At one time it may have been a luxury, now we can’t live without it. When we experience electrical outages, our world comes to an end. No internet. No television. And when the batteries run out, no phone or tablet computer. Not to mention no air conditioning or central heat.

    When to schedule maintenance

    The best way to assure continuous and safe electrical service is with electrical maintenance by the licensed electricians from Dixie. This should be done on a regular basis, we recommend annually, but here are some other tips about when to schedule electrical maintenance:
    • Before buying a new home
    • When you decide to sell your home
    • Frequent electrical repairs needed
    • Dead outlets or switches that don’t work
    • Adding a new major appliance
    • Home is more than 40 years old
    • Before doing home renovations

    Safety is job #1

    While electricity has improved our quality of life, we must never lose sight of the fact it can also be a great danger if it’s not treated with great respect. Electrical safety is a huge part of Dixie’s mission to serve the people of Central and Eastern Alabama. It’s why we recommend our Safe & Sound electrical inspections. They go far beyond routine maintenance and can identify and correct problems before disaster strikes. Here are just a few of the important checks and tests that are performed:
    • INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING – This tool peeks through walls and ceilings to pick up any hot spots caused by poor connections or damaged wire. This is critical in early detection.
    • ULTRASONIC ARC PROTECTION – Think of this as a type of surveillance sonar to identify slight vibrations caused by loose connections.
    • COMPLETE CIRCUIT ANALYZER – Verifies proper wiring while pinpointing loose connections and faulty grounds.
    • SHOCK HAZARD CHECK – By testing ground resistance, the electrician can identify a bad ground which can cause sparks, shocks, and even death.
    • CIRCUIT TRACER – Examines each circuit to verify proper labeling, wiring and breaker size at each circuit to prevent overloads.
    • ELECTRICAL PANEL SURVEY – Every connection in your electrical service panel is inspected for loose connections, corrosion and proper grounding.
    • ALUMINUM WIRING DETECTION – Believe it or not, some older homes still have this unsafe wiring. It was most common in homes and mobile homes built or manufactured between 1965 and 1973.
    • SMOKE DETECTOR CHECK – We check and clean all available detectors for operation and install fresh batteries as needed.
    • GFI RECEPTACLE CHECK – We check and test all “wet” or hazard locations with GFI (ground fault interrupt) plugs.

    Depend on Dixie

    Call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air to schedule your electrical maintenance and/or a Safe and Sound inspection. You can depend on Dixie’s electricians to keep you and your family safe and comfortable.