New Federal Tax Credits Make Replacing Your Furnace Easier

New Federal Tax Credits Make Replacing Your Furnace Easier

Even though homeowners in the Montgomery, Alabama area typically don’t need to worry about snow and ice, winter temperatures can still get low. Without question, most everyone will choose cozy and warm over unreliable heat or no heat at all. Your family’s safety and comfort are not only your concern, but they’re important to us, too. Which is why a furnace replacement may be your next serious investment this winter.

Unfortunately, furnaces can fail when it’s least convenient: Holidays, busy schedules, a tight budget. You name it, and chances are 100% that a homeowner you know has faced an unexpected furnace replacement. When you have an emergency heating need, Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air sells reliable, efficient products installed by highly skilled technicians. If you choose simply to have a heating repair, Dixie can handle that, too. 

While you may have heard that the available energy tax credits and incentives were ending by 2022, the recently passed mandate, Residential Clean Energy Credit, extended the tax credits through 2034. Add in approved financing from Dixie, and your heating replacement is even more affordable!


Available tax credits mean if your furnace replacement meets the credit guidelines, you could get a rebate from the federal government. Other clean energy sources have been added to the approved items as well such as traditional heat pumps.

Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is proud to offer a variety of heating options to our clients, such as furnaces, ductless mini-splits and heat pumps. A team member is ready to schedule your appointment today. Once your home has been evaluated by a Dixie Comfort Specialist, you will be given to choose what best meets your needs and budget. 

With the revised tax credit mandates, financing options and the wide array of heating products and services we deliver, you enjoy a rebate now and reap utility savings into the future. 

Take advantage of the tax credits and schedule your appointment today with Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. 

Whatever heating needs you may have, Call Dixie and it’s done!