5 Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Plumbing

Five Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Tips

If there’s anything we’ve learned at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air it’s that maintenance is vital for every comfort system, including commercial plumbing. Many business owners may struggle with the idea of spending funds on regular maintenance for their plumbing, but the importance of investing in upkeep for the health, safety and comfort of both customers and employees alike cannot be stressed enough. Small plumbing issues can quickly evolve into major problems meaning more out of pocket costs and possibly even lost operating time depending on the nature of your business.

What Can You Do to Make Sure Your Commercial Plumbing System Operates as it Should? 

We’re glad you asked. It’s easy to be proactive in taking care of your commercial plumbing. If you consider these five practical tips, your business plumbing system will operate efficiently and stay in good working order. 

Watch for leaking pipes, fittings or seals.  Leaks left unattended can quickly escalate into expensive problems if damaged drywall, flooring or other surfaces become affected. If you notice drips, seek the help of a trained plumber like Dixie. Whether in Auburn or Montgomery, we’ve got you covered.

Know where your shut-off valves are. You need to know where to turn off the water supply to individual plumbing fixtures and the main water supply if you have water constantly running where it shouldn’t. By quickly stopping the flow of water, you may avoid spending needed cash flow on unplanned commercial plumbing repairs.

Watch for slow drains or toilets that don’t flush all the way. Clogged sewer lines can become big unsanitary messes. If your drains aren’t flowing the way they should, just call Dixie and our trained professionals can perform drain cleaning or repairs to keep your business up and running. 

Educate your employees and tenants about what should and shouldn’t be flushed. That may seem extreme, but many people don’t think before throwing things into the toilet. In the case of public restrooms for customers or even in employee restrooms, post signage to help them remember how they can help ensure everything keeps functioning as it should. 

Have a reliable plumber on your side. When you need a plumber in Auburn or Montgomery, Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is the only name you need to remember. Our plumbers are highly trained, background checked and ready to help with any commercial plumbing challenges you face. Dixie also offers regular commercial plumbing maintenance to minimize unexpected plumbing disasters. Just Call Dixie and It’s Done!