Reasons Why Generators Are A Summertime Essential

Reasons Why Generators Are A Summertime Essential

When a major thunderstorm, a tornado or hurricane hits the Central Alabama area, the result will likely include power outages due to downed trees and power lines. You could be without power for days or maybe even weeks. No cooking, possibly no bathing and your health and safety could be compromised if we’re in the midst of the summer heat. No power also can mean no electronics. For many homes without landline phones there would be no way to communicate. This is especially dangerous during an emergency. This is why backup generators are a must here! 

Everyone would love to have advance warning when a storm is looming, but sometimes devastating storms seem to come out of nowhere. To avoid the unexpected, it’s good to have a plan and be prepared. 

A Backup Generator Solves Power Outage Problems

Whole-house backup generators remove the fear of experiencing a power outage ever again. Backup generators can run for weeks if you have a large whole-house propane tank. They can run indefinitely if powered by natural gas. Even days without electricity in the midst of a hot Central Alabama summer can cause dangerous situations for the elderly, the young or for those with health challenges. Having no power to your refrigerator or freezer means potentially throwing out hundreds of dollars of wasted food. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air sells and installs reliable Kohler generators. Call today for information and to schedule your free consultation.

3 Reasons to Invest in a Whole-House Backup Generator 

  • Your major appliances, lights and systems will keep running, even when the power goes out. The size of the generator is up to you, depending on the amount of investment you want to make to run the things most important to you.
  • Your whole house backup generator is always ready to go, comes on automatically & costs little to operate. You can have peace of mind knowing your whole-house backup generator will turn on automatically seconds after a power outage. Since a backup generator is most commonly powered by natural gas, it’s very energy efficient and runs at a low operating cost. 
  • Dixie offers a Complimentary Consultation. At no cost to you, our trained technician will review the layout and design of your home and provide various Kohler generator options, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.

Call Dixie for More Details on a Backup Generator Now

Don’t delay. Avoid a crisis and just call Dixie today to schedule your whole-house backup generator complimentary consultation. Peace of mind, comfort and the safety of your loved ones can be secure knowing they’re protected, and your valuable resources are guarded from unnecessary power outages.