Electric Shock Drowning Tips

Electric shock drowning is real, and can be caused by a faulty electric service leaking to nearby water. We want residents of Lake Martin, AL and surrounding areas to feel comfortable swimming in our beautiful lakes. Which is why we urge homeowners on the lakes and rivers to take the danger or electric shock drowning seriously. It could be the difference of life and death. We hope you take a moment to read about the dangers of electric shock drowning and how to make sure your property is safe. 

Each year, electric shock claims lives, young and old.

It is not discriminating. Sadly we lose precious lives each year that could be avoided with proper electric services performed. Those homeowners on lakes and rivers that have electrical service on a boat dock or any swimming area, should have it inspected by a professional electrician each year. If it hasn’t been looked at, it’s a perfect time to call Dixie to schedule a convenient electric inspection. With locations in the Auburn, Montgomery and the Columbus area, we always have a professionally trained and certified electrician near you. We also offer to include this service with our Dixie Cares Maintenance Plan electric inspection. Not only does the maintenance program provide ongoing service to keep ahead of electrical breakdowns, it also includes other important maintenance services for your plumbing and air.

If you’re visiting a resort or someone else’s home, please use caution and share the information you have learned to keep others safe as well. It’s always good to ask the last time their dock or boat lift has had electric service inspected. The danger is real and there are no warning signs. Especially with all the great holidays we have during the summer such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day where a lot of area residents are our enjoying the great weather.

Electric Service Discounts & Support For Military

As we honor our country during these great summer holidays, we also honor the men and women who serve in our military. Dixie always offers a 5% discount for our military, both active and retired. We have also donated a portion of all our proceeds to the organization Folds of Honor. It’s a foundation formed in 2007 to provide scholarships for family members of military personnel killed or severely wounded in the service of America. Dixie works together with this and other local organizations because military families are our friends and neighbors and need our ongoing support. The Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base in Montgomery employs more than 12,000 military and civilian personnel. Help us help those families that have made such a huge sacrifice and let them know about this discount, and let’s keep each other safe.