Avoid Energy Vampires—Lower Your Electric Bill Today

It could happen every month, but is especially common during the peak heating and cooling months—it’s the loud screams when homeowners open their monthly electrical bill.
If you’ve already upgraded your insulation and your HVAC system, there isn’t much you can do about that, but did you know there are dozens of small things you can do that add up to big savings? The folks here at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air can help you with that.
The key thing you have to remember is just because an electrical device is turned off does NOT mean it has stopped using electricity. They are called energy vampires or energy suckers. According to energy.gov they can add 10% to your monthly electrical bill, but there are common sense solutions.


This may not work for your cable box or wireless router, but if you have an extra TV or some other electronic device or appliance you don’t use very often, consider unplugging it completely until the next time you actually need it.


Power strips let you turn power on and off to clusters of devices. An advanced power strip makes it even easier by turning off idle electronics on its own without any additional steps from you. Another option is a light switch that controls an outlet.


Make sure to use the proper settings on your devices. Use the sleep mode on your computer if you’re going to be away from it. Don’t leave that video game paused unless you’re sure you are coming right back to it. Pausing it for a long time uses more energy.
And just because a device is small in size doesn’t mean it can’t be a vampire. If you leave your smartphone charger plugged in after your phone is disconnected, it’s still drawing electricity (about .26 watts). If you leave your phone connected after it’s fully charged that jumps nearly tenfold to 2.24 watts.

Whatever you do, don’t forget about the kitchen. Before you leave for the day, make it a daily habit of turning off all unnecessary appliances, especially dangerous appliances like toaster ovens and coffee makers to not only save you money, but to keep your home safe, too!

If you have any questions we’re always here to help. Just call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. We will do everything you can to help you end the screaming.