Cold and Flu Season and Your Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever scrubbed your house so sterile you didn’t think any virus could survive, only to have it come back again? The problem is that the virus is also in the air—circulating in your home.
It’s that time of year again, and there is a strong possibility that you, or someone in your family will catch a cold or the flu this season. Germs and viruses are spread through droplets in the air created when someone contagious; coughs, sneezes, and/or talks. Inevitably the whole family will be exposed to the sickness as well. Let your friends at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air assist you in taking proactive measures in containing the contagion. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products could help you save on medical expenses, and reduce unnecessary “sick-days” that often result in loss of work, school days, or both.
How can you clean air? Incredible advancements in IAQ have produced air cleaners that are installed in your ductwork that continually cleanse the circulating air. These products and services may also be a covered expense by some medical insurance companies. If you are located in the Montgomery or Auburn areas have one of our trusted Dixie IAQ specialists out to your property to share available options. They are professionally trained on many different products and how they can be applied to each situation, including how to best attack cold and flu season. We are pleased to be a resource to provide the best possible indoor home comfort for you and your family. Healthier air means a healthier family; let us keep your family healthy. Call Dixie, and it’s done!