Safe & Sound Check: Infrared Thermo Imaging

Safety is important. When it comes to your home electrical system, safety is imperative. If you are located in the Auburn or Montgomery areas and have any concerns, or if your home was built during the time when aluminum wiring was sometimes substituted for copper (1965-1973), call Dixie out to your home or business today to have a thoroughly trained and licensed professional perform a Safe & Sound check.
During the Safe & Sound check, your technician will use advanced technology to see through walls and ceilings looking for hot spots or “warm wire” spots. This proactive service can bring problems to your attention that you didn’t even know existed. Thermal imaging can detect wiring that is headed for meltdown or ignition—thus, protecting your family, saving you money, and saving you from the tragedy of a house fire. Having our Safe & Sound service performed can also make you aware of opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Don’t delay, call us or visit our website to schedule an appointment today.