Depend on Dixie to Help You Look Good

Part of what we do at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is make sure our team “is looking good.” When the technicians, electricians, and plumbers go out the door in the morning they all take a moment to glance in the mirror. Admittedly some of them take a little too long to admire themselves, but you get the point.
What you may not realize is those same Dixie team members can play a really important role to make sure YOU’RE “looking good.” Don’t believe it? Stop for a moment and think of all the scenarios that can play out in your home.

  • Sweaty Hair Syndrome:
    Come on you know what it is. You’re getting ready go out for the evening. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror working with your hair. Suddenly you see it. The beads of sweat rolling off your scalp and down your face. You look at the sweaty mess that is now your hair and throw your hands up in frustration.Sounds like a new AC system is in order.  Or at the very least a call to Dixie so our technicians can find out why the old one is no longer keeping your house cool.
  • The Roseanne Roseannadanna look:
    It may have worked for actress Gilda Radner on “Saturday Night Live”, but not so much when you’re getting ready to host a dinner party. We love us some summer humidity in the deep south, but the love affair ends when the hair gets frizzy.If your air conditioning unit isn’t pulling enough humidity out of your house, you may have to consider the 1-2 punch. Call Dixie and talk with us about adding a dehumidifier to your home.
  • The wet look (but not by design):
    Yep, nothing like arriving at work or school with wet hair. You were feverishly blow-drying with 4 minutes before you had to leave the house. Just then, your significant other (bless his or her heart) decided it was time to vacuum the bedroom carpet. Boom goes the breaker. Down goes the blow dryer. And out the door you go with wet hair.Please, don’t blame your loved ones. Call Dixie so our professional electricians can find out why it’s happening. A better and safer electrical panel can mean you are perfectly coiffed for your friends and coworkers.
  • Soapy hair:
    Yeah, this is always fun. You just lathered up with your favorite shampoo when the hot water runs out. You’re left with a couple of choices. Scream really loudly and finish the shower with cold water. Or realize discretion is the better part of valor and end the shower early. You try to wipe the soap away with a towel. You then decide a cap, hat, or tight bun might be in order for the day ahead.On the plus side, the experience will finally force you to think about your water heater. Dixie has several efficient new water heater models to make sure you never have to go through this again.
  • Blowing in the wind:
    Does your dry, fly-away hair make you look like you drive to work in a convertible? If only that was the case. A nice bright red Italian convertible.Alas, you’re left to blame something much more mundane. The hard water in your home making your hair dry and unmanageable.
    Once again, Dixie has the answer for you. Our professional plumbers can install a water softener to make that hair luxurious and silky.

So, you see, a call to Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air really can have you “looking good.” Just one more example of what we’ve been telling people for years, Call Dixie and it’s done.