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A/c Fan Motor Hvac

5 Signs of a Bad A/C Fan Motor

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If you have noticed that your fan isn’t working correctly, the cause could be the motor. Our experts here at Dixie Electrical, Plumbing & Air have come up with five of the common signs that the motor in your fan…

Professional HVAC Technician Inspecting Residential HVAC System

5 DIY Tips for Spring Cleaning your Air Conditioning Unit

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Sunny skies, warmer weather, and eye-pleasing plants are in bloom, which means it’s nearly time to turn on the air conditioning!  Along with springtime comes the notorious season of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t just for decluttering your home, but…

How To Save Money By Keeping Your HVAC In Tip-Top Shape

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Have you ever thought about HVAC preventative maintenance as something that should be part of your seasonal housekeeping chores?  Like raking leaves, cleaning gutters, or getting an oil change, preventative maintenance on your air conditioning or heating units is necessary…