Dixie Promotes Baby Safety at Latest Babypalooza

What a great time we had at Babypalooza last weekend in Montgomery, Alabama. It’s always such an uplifting event to be a part of for Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. The event included local health experts who provided prenatal and postnatal health information. Vendors who had all sorts of products and services tailored to the needs of babies and new parents. The focus on healthy babies and healthy moms is one small way to help us move on from last month’s disastrous and deadly storms.
We hope you came out to meet our team members during the event in the Multiplex at Cramton Bowl. Dixie handed out outlet plug covers to everyone who stopped by our booth, one small way to increase baby safety in a home. There are many other ways we can help make your home safer:

Electrical Safety

Electricity demands respect and our Safe and Sound electrical inspections will keep your home safe. Our professional electricians use sophisticated tools like infrared scanners to spot problems hiding behind walls, ceilings, and floors. Problems capable of causing damaging or even deadly fires.

Plumbing Safety

You may not think about your plumbing system when it comes to child safety, but water leaks can cause unhealthy mold. An incorrectly set water heater can make the water so hot it quickly scalds a child. A Dixie plumber can take care of those problems and many other safety issues with a visit to your home.

Indoor Air Safety

The long, hot, and humid Alabama summer is about to start, and you want to make sure babies and toddlers stay safe. They are especially vulnerable to the oppressive heat. An air conditioner tune-up by Dixie is the best way to assure your cooling system is operating at peak efficiency. We also carry multiple air filtration and purification systems to improve the quality of the air your baby is breathing every day.
Babypalooza is just one more way Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air supports and gives back to the communities we serve. If you have any concerns about whether your home is really providing safety for babies and toddlers, please call us now. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information like this.