Electricians: What is considered electrical work?

It’s pretty plain to see, we can’t live without electricity. Or maybe more correctly we don’t even want to TRY living without it. It’s true in your business as well as your home. While we all enjoy the luxuries made possible by electricity, we can never lose respect for its power and the need to stay safe at all times. It’s critical to use only trained and licensed electricians to work on electrical systems and equipment at your business.
There are some common problems you can encounter as a business owner:

Frequent electrical surges:

      • Lightning strikes and power line problems are common causes, but surges can also be caused by bad wiring and faulty appliances. Over time, surges can damage many appliances.

Switches or dimmers not working properly:

      • This can be a sign of poor workmanship in the way they were installed or cheaply made products. If nothing happens when you turn a switch on it could mean problems in the circuit or wiring.

Circuit breaker trips frequently:

      • First and foremost, remember a breaker is designed to protect you and when it trips it’s operating correctly. Do NOT ignore the problem. If you can’t solve the issue by unplugging appliances from that circuit, call an electrician to locate the problem.

Electrical shocks:

    • This typically happens when you turn an appliance on or off. It’s a clear indication something is wrong with the appliance or the wiring. Stop using the device and if it happens somewhere else on the same circuit, turn the breaker off and get professional help.

Too often these common problems are viewed as an annoyance, but in each situation, they can be dangerous. Routine commercial electrical maintenance by Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air can prevent many of these problems.
When you own a business in Montgomery or Auburn, Alabama there is no margin for error. Even one electrical accident in the workplace can be a nightmare that won’t stop. It can result in a lawsuit by a customer or a workers’ compensation claim by an employee. Doesn’t it make more sense to make commercial electrical maintenance a top priority? Call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air today to make your appointment.