The Yellow Scourge is Coming Fight Back Against Pollen & Allergies

Has it started at your house yet? The layer of yellow dust covering the patio furniture and your cars. If you live in the country and have livestock, there’s even yellow dust in the nostrils of the animals and settling on the water in the stock tanks. If you’re nodding your head, then you know what we’re talking about, the yellow pollen from the pine trees.
When you live in the south, the yellow onslaught is one of the first signs it’s time to prepare for spring allergies. The tree pollen comes first, quickly followed by various weeds and grasses because we all know spring showers bring May flowers. If you are an allergy sufferer, the first signs of the pine pollen may fill you with dread and cause you to start thinking about home remedies for allergies.
If you have something that works, that’s great; but Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is here to help with the latest technology to improve your indoor air quality or IAQ. It’s the iWave ion generator, an air cleaner and air purifier. The device is installed in the HVAC ductwork and can have a huge impact on your seasonal allergies. When air passes over the iWave air purifier, the ions produced by the generator remove particles, allergens, smoke, and odors.
Its patented technology is called needle-point bi-polar ionization. The process breaks down pollutants into harmless compounds like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapor. Unlike other ion generators, the iWave does not release harmful ozone into the air. Now is your chance to get this new technology installed in your home. For a limited time, Dixie is offering $50 off the installation of a new iWave air cleaner or air purifier.
We want to emphasize, the iWave is about much more than battling spring allergies. Laboratory testing also shows remarkable results in killing dangerous germs:

Germ Description Results
Staph Carried by about 25% of people Reduced 96.2% after 20 minutes of iWave purification
MRSA Antibiotic resistant bacteria Reduced 96.2% after 20 minutes of iWave purification
E. coli Can cause serious food poisoning Reduced 99.68% after 15 minutes of iWave purification
Tuberculosis Affects lungs & other organs Reduced 69% after 60 minutes of iWave purification
Airborne mold spores Causes allergic reactions & asthma Reduced 99.5% by iWave purification
Legionella Pneumophila
(Legionnaires Disease)
Causes respiratory distress Reduced by 99.7% on solid surfaces after 30 minutes iwave purification

Those are some pretty good reasons to pick up the phone now and call your HVAC, plumbing and electrical leader in Montgomery and Auburn, AL to learn more about the iWave ion generator. Remember, the $50 off is a limited time offer from Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information to help keep your home safe and comfortable.