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Columbus, GA

Five Causes of Power Surges and How to Protect Your Property

When was the last time you counted the number of electrical devices and appliances in your business or commercial building? Or maybe you’ve lost count because there are so many. Now think for a minute about having to replace some or many of them. Sounds like a major inconvenience. It can happen to you in the form of damaging power surges and spikes. So, let’s talk about some of the leading causes and ways to increase your level of property protection.


Do you have some of THOSE people in your building? You know, plugging multiple devices into one outlet by using power strips and extension cords. Yes, this can lead to damaging power surges. It may not be the individual outlets. Overloaded circuits can also cause surges in your Auburn, Opelika, or Montgomery, AL business. If you are suspicious, call in an electrician to calculate the load on the circuit you are worried about.

Damaged wiring

There are many reasons this can happen. Maybe someone damaged the wire’s insulation during the construction or installation process. Critters are also able to chew away the insulation. The damaged or bare wires can cause power surges. The best way to locate the damaged wired with an electrical safety inspection by a licensed electrician.


A lightning strike anywhere near a powerline can send a dangerous power surge into your building. It can quickly fry delicate electronic equipment. Please remember we live in the south where we get a second severe weather season. Damaging thunderstorms and tornadoes are quite common in October, November, and even into December.

Major appliances

Things like freezers, elevators, and air conditioners can also cause power surges. Because they draw so much power the electricity can spill over into other circuits. This is when you may notice the lights briefly flickering.

Power outages

On the surface, this may not make much sense but bear with us. The problem is when the power comes back on. The sudden burst of electricity can send excess energy into your building. If the power does go out it’s a good idea to turn off as many devices as possible so they are not hit by a surge when the power comes back on.


Another way to protect yourself in Auburn, Opelika, or Montgomery, AL is with surge protection. And we’re not talking about something you buy on Amazon or the big box store. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air can raise your level of property protection with surge protection for your entire building and everyone in it. Call to learn more.