How to Fix a Garbage Disposal That’s Not Working

fixing broken garbage disposal

Here are some fun facts about garbage disposals: Only about 50% of American homes have a garbage disposal, and they are widely unheard of in Europe and in other parts of the world. 

Nevertheless, love it or hate it, at least half of us use this handy kitchen appliance. So, what can you do to fix your garbage disposal if it stops working?

If you really don’t have the desire or skills to tackle the problem on your own, a professional plumber like those employed by Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air can check your garbage disposal and either repair or replace it efficiently and to your 100% satisfaction. 


Maybe you fancy yourself a do-it-yourself handy person. If so, Dixie offers these tips to help you get your garbage disposal up and running properly. 

The Disposal Seems to Be Jammed – If the electrical connection seems fine, but the unit still doesn’t turn on or you hear humming but no grinding when engaged, something may be stuck, not allowing the blades to rotate properly. Before calling a professional plumber, try this. TURN OFF THE POWER AT THE BREAKER (this is very important), put on rubber gloves and remove what is causing the issue. 

The Disposal Has an Offensive Odor – Depending on what you’ve put into the disposal, there may be times when you notice a foul odor coming from the unit. Don’t let this alarm you. Taking the time to periodically grind lemon wedges and ice down the disposal, can eliminate nasty smells. Be sure to run lots of cold water while operating the garbage disposal and continue to let it run for about 30 additional seconds before turning the unit off.

The Disposal Refuses to Turn On – Before calling a plumber in the Auburn-Opelika or Montgomery areas, make sure the electrical plug isn’t dislodged from the outlet or that a breaker didn’t pop. 

If you’d prefer to hire a plumber to check your garbage disposal or any other household plumbing challenges, Call Dixie and It’s Done. Our skilled and highly trained plumbers are ready to solve your specific issues quickly. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our courteous staff.