When Flickering Lights In Your Home Is a Big Issue

lights keep flickering in home

You’ve probably experienced lights flickering in your home at some time or other. Lights usually flicker when there’s a change in the amount of electrical voltage going through the wiring supplying power to the lights in question. 

Since lighting fixtures are typically designed to be on or off, lights that keep flickering might be a cause for general concern. Only if you have a dimmer switch, allowing you to control the brightness of specific lighting, should there be a variation in the total illumination.


The fluctuations that cause flickering lights could be due to a number of challenges. Before jumping on the panic wagon, however, try to determine the source. 

First, look for a pattern. Is the flickering occurring  at one lamp or fixture? Perhaps the bulb is loose or going bad. Try replacing the bulb and observing if that corrects the issue. Always turn the light fixture off before changing out the bulb to avoid the possibility of electrical shock.

If you notice the lights flickering when a specific appliance turns on, then you could have a problem with the electrical circuit supplying the lights and the appliance. Also, if several lights flicker on and off in just one area of your home, there could be a larger issue with your electrical supply. In either case, Call Dixie and one of our trained electricians will inspect your system and repair the issue. 

You may also want to ask if your neighbors are experiencing flickering lights. If so, then the problem is likely with the electric supplier. Notify them ASAP to report the issue. 


Don’t take chances with unexplained flickering lights. They could be a sign of a more serious hidden problem like a faulty or failing electrical panel, which left unaddressed could damage appliances, electronics or even cause a house fire. Every home should also invest in a surge protection device to prevent the occasional energy surge that can bring unwanted stress and property loss. 

For all your electric challenges, call the professionals at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, and set your mind at ease.