The Holidays are a Perfect Storm for Household Plumbing

Let’s go through a little household exercise, pretending to clean out the refrigerator following the holidays:
“OMG how long has that eggnog been in there? Dump it down the sink. Is that leftover turkey gravy? Gee whiz I wish we had eaten that because it was really good this year, but not anymore. Down the sink it goes. Hold on, what’s in that bowl? Oh, that’s the fatty scraps from the ham and turkey. We meant to feed it to the dog. Let’s run it through the garbage disposal to get rid of it.”
Is it any wonder the holidays are a bonanza for the nation’s plumbers? Drains, pipes, and septic/sewer systems hate things like creams, fats, and solid fatty waste which includes just about everything on our holiday menu. Our pretend scenario could easily result in a clogged drain or pipe a day or two later. Thankfully, your licensed Dixie plumbers are just a phone call away, but we take no great joy in answering the call because it’s going to cost you money.
Of course, the first thing we’re going to do is fix your problem. Usually it’s pretty easy for us to clear a clogged drain. But if you want to avoid a repeat performance, our visit should include a more comprehensive plumbing inspection. It’s very possible the problem isn’t just in your kitchen sink drain. The buildup of fats and grease from many years can be causing more serious trouble.
Dixie can check all your other household drains to make sure they are working correctly. We will also check for any warning signs there is a blockage in the sewer pipe outside the home. If we find a potential problem, the smart thing is to let us inspect the line using a video camera. The cost of the video inspection is cheap compared to the cost of a damaging sewage backup in the home.
Once we’re sure the problem is fixed and there are no other blockages, our plumber can treat your pipes with Bio Smart. It’s an environmentally sound drain treatment. It uses beneficial bacteria and enzymes to eat the fats, oils, hair, and other organic material to keep your pipes running free and clear.
So, if your plumbing system is suffering from the post-holiday blues, don’t hesitate to call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. We will be happy to fix the immediate problem and do everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If you would like, we could even give you a few suggestions about a better way to dispose of certain household wastes. Your pipes will thank you.