Frozen Pipes? How to Prepare Your Pipes For the Winter

How to Prepare Your Pipes For the Winter

Homeowners in the Montgomery, Alabama area look forward to a reprieve from the sweltering heat when summer slides into autumn. While some may assume we enjoy warm weather all year long, seasoned residents know the cold nights are coming. 

Enjoying the crisper air with friends and family around lakeside fire pits or watching your favorite college football team equals great times, but it’s also the perfect time to get your home ready for the winter weather. 

There are lots of things you should take care of to prepare your home for the lower outdoor temperatures, including scheduling your HVAC maintenance or lawn care. But, there are also some vital plumbing maintenance tasks you should complete to prevent frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can burst leading to even bigger and likely more expensive issues to fix. 

Avoid the inconvenience and headache by doing the following to keep indoor and outdoor pipes from freezing:

  1. Open under-sink cabinet doors to allow warm indoor air to circulate around the pipes if you’re scheduled to be away when freezing temperatures are in the forecast.
  2. Turn off irrigation systems if a freeze is expected. Remember, avoid irrigating when temperatures are below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Don’t forget about your swimming pool. It should be winterized according to manufacturers’ recommendations.
  4. Outdoor hoses should be unhooked from the hose bibb and as an added precaution, protect outdoor faucets with insulated hose bibb covers.
  5. Insulate exposed outdoor pipes.
  6. Seal holes or cracks in exterior walls and around doors or pipes.

Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is the only name you need to remember should you end up with frozen pipes. Never try to thaw them out on your own, especially with an open flame. 

Whether you have a plumbing, HVAC or electric need in your Auburn-Opelika or Montgomery area home, Call Dixie, and it’s done.