Regular HVAC Maintenance Means Fewer Repair Calls

regular hvac maintenance
The heat and humidity has rolled into Central Alabama. If it’s a normal year, you know it’s going to be here until well after football season starts.
As much as Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air enjoys hearing from our clients, we understand you would like to keep those contacts to a minimum. We don’t blame you. Writing checks for air conditioning service and repair can get really old.
Here are our best suggestions to help your HVAC systems last longer, and make summer cooling and winter heating as crisis-free as possible:

  1. Call for twice-a-year checkups:

Hold it. Isn’t that a contradiction? Nope. Dixie knows you will actually call us less, if you call us regularly for HVAC maintenance. Our professional HVAC technicians will check for signs of future problems like motor or electrical failures.

TIP: No matter what brand system you have or where you bought it, Dixie can maintain and repair it for you.
  1.  Change your Filter(s):

Do it even if the filter doesn’t look dirty to you. Any dirt buildup makes the system less efficient. You should be replacing on a regular schedule of every few months at a minimum. More often depending on the type of filter and operating conditions.

  1. Clear area around the condenser:

There should be at least 12 inches of clearance around the coil. The space is necessary to allow for good airflow and efficient cooling & heating. Cut or remove any vegetation growing into the space.

TIP: To clean the condenser, first shut it off, then use a garden hose without a nozzle to wash off dirt and debris. NEVER use a pressure washer.
  1. Setting your thermostat:

The best temperatures for cost saving and comfort are 78° in the summer and 68° in the winter.

TIP: If you’re used to a different setting, give your body time to adjust. You’ll be surprised how cool 78° can feel when it’s 95° outside.
  1.  Clean the condensate line:

A blocked drain line can create a mess in a hurry. Especially when your system is pulling all that summer humidity out of the air. About every 3 months, pour a mixture of 1 cup bleach and 3 cups water into the line. It will remove dirt and algae.
Dixie believes these are all good steps to help prevent AC and furnace repairs. If and when a breakdown happens, call your heating and air conditioning experts for Montgomery, Auburn, and the surrounding area. You can also check out this video sharing Troubleshooting Tips For Your AC. Remember our motto, “Call Dixie and it’s Done.”