Don’t let Plumbing Problems Ruin Back-to-School Bliss

regular hvac tune-ups
Have you noticed the big smiles lately on the faces of young couples? Some of them appear to be daydreaming and humming a happy tune as they walk down the street. That’s right, the kids are going back to school! Summers are great, but a little peace and quiet in the house can be a good thing for mom and dad.
Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air wants to remind you back to school means more stress on your plumbing system. There are the daily showers and extra loads of laundry to keep school clothes and sports uniforms clean.
Now is a great time to have a plumbing service and inspection to make sure your system is ready for the challenge. Our licensed local plumbers can spot and prevent many problems before they happen:

  • Check your sewer system:
    • During the summer, roots from trees and shrubs can target your sewer pipes. Left unchecked, the result could be a really messy sewage backup. To prevent a clogged drain pipe, our plumbers will use a camera to check for blockages.
  • Water heater maintenance:
    • The back-to-school calm will be shattered if your child ends up having to take a cold shower. An inspection and maintenance on your water heater can prevent breakdowns. In addition, regular flushes and maintenance can increase your water heater’s life expectancy, and lower your monthly bills.
  • Check & repair leaking fixtures
    • You may think a leaking kitchen, bathroom faucet, or bathroom shower is nothing but a minor annoyance. In truth, it’s wasting hundreds of gallons of water and costing you extra money. The water waste can be even more significant for a toilet that needs repair. The Dixie plumbing experts will stop the leaks.

If you want to make yourself really popular with your kids and their friends, talk with Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air about installing a reverse osmosis system to filter your drinking water. Many consider it the single best way to make your water taste better, while removing all the harmful elements like nitrates, pesticides, and bacteria.
So, stop paying all that money for bottled water. With reverse osmosis, you can get better quality water for just pennies a gallon.
Back to school also means the holidays will be here before you know it. Now is the time to make sure your house is ready to host the big family gathering. Imagine a sparkling new kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air can handle any remodeling project, large or small. But don’t procrastinate, start the planning now to make sure the work is done in time.
Whenever you need a plumber in Montgomery or Auburn, AL, your first call should be to your friends at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air because when you “Call Dixie and it’s Done!” Serving Central Alabama for more than a century.