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Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19: 6 Easy Ways To Avoid Triggers And Breathe Free

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Healthy indoor air quality is more important than ever. That’s a lesson from 2020 that we can bring with us into the new year. However, many homeowners aren’t aware of the everyday things they can do to ensure their family breathes the cleanest air possible. 

Low indoor air quality can lead to a host of issues, not just COVID-related, but also asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. In addition to physical health issues, there are some links between air quality in your home and fatigue and depression


6 Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Home


While we aren’t healthcare experts, we do know what it takes to ensure your family has clean air to breathe day-in and day-out. Here are six tips to get you started on improving indoor air quality


Tip 1. Understand The Relationship Between Humidity And Air Quality


According to the Mayo Clinic, the humidity should be between 30-50 percent in your home. Anything above or below could potentially cause health issues or affect personal items within the home. 

In rooms that are too dry or too humid, portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers are often an easy fix. 

However, if the humidity seems to be “off” in larger, more open areas of your home or more than one room, it might be time to invest in a whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier


Tip 2. Invest In Air Purification Systems


Sometimes, all it takes is a few clicks on Amazon or a trip to a local hardware store to purchase an air purifier. These are particularly helpful in rooms that our furry friends frequent. 

As with humidifiers, if indoor air issues plague your entire home, we may have a solution for you. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air offers the REME HALOⓇ in-duct air purifier, capable of purifying every cubic inch of air moving through the HVAC systems and is effective against indoor air pollution. 


Tip 3. Increase Ventilation Into Your Home Whenever Possible


One fortunate thing about living in Central Alabama is the relatively mild climates we experience, even in winter. On days that you can, opening windows help circulate clean, fresh air into your home. 

Once we venture into spring allergy season, however, you’ll want to make sure windows stay closed so that pollen and other triggers don’t have a way to enter your home. 


Tip 4. Change Air Filters Regularly


One easy step in cleaning the air inside your home is to change the air filters regularly. How often to change your air filters depends on a host of factors, including: 

  • the presence of any allergies or asthma in your home
  • animal or pet dander from cats and dogs
  • whether or not someone smokes in the home
  • how often you use your HVAC system

Typically, if you have one or more of these in your home or use your HVAC system daily, you should change your air filters every 2-3 months. 


Tip 5. Vacuum And Dust Your Home Often


Using the list above can also help you determine how often to vacuum. At the very least, all carpets and floors should be cleaned once per week to prevent dust buildup. 

If you have pets or anyone with allergies in your home, you might need to vacuum more frequently to remove pet hair, dander, and other triggers or harmful dust particles. 

Indeed, how often you vacuum can be more important than the type of vacuum you have. 


Tip 6. Get To The Root of Most Indoor Air Quality Issues


If your home has young children, people with allergies or asthma, or pets inside the house, you could benefit from a consultation about your home’s indoor air quality. 

There might also be issues lurking in the air that you cannot see. These include mold, mildew,  viruses, or bacteria. 

With people spending more time indoors and at home this year, indoor air quality matters more than ever. Trust the experts at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air to guide you as a homeowner on making your space as safe and healthy as possible. 


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