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Columbus, GA

Our Core Values – Dixie’s Promise to You

dixie core values

In business, as in life, values matter. Notions of fairness, respect, safety, and satisfaction don’t vanish when you become a business—they only become stronger and more practicable. Since 1908, Dixie Electric, Plumbing, & Air has put its core values into everything that we do. Every wiring job, fixed pipe, and new furnace bears our name and ultimately represents those principles we value most when doing vital business in our communities. Even the small things—driving to each job safely, picking up the phone when you call—represent our devotion to good work and community.  

More than just expert craftsmen, our team are your neighbors, PTA members, golfing partners, and (if you own a business in Montgomery/Auburn-Opelika) customers of your own. That’s why at Dixie, we proudly advertise the values that we hold dear. 


We believe in:

Doing the Right Thing

To us, doing the right thing for our customers means never overselling, overpromising, or underdelivering. We want to earn your trust by giving you the sound advice you need on your electrical, plumbing, or HVAC project. 

You call us to do the necessary work on your home, job site, or business. We take that trust seriously and strive to deliver the best results in the appropriate amount of time and without duplicity. We won’t sell you work that you don’t need and we won’t dither when the comfort of your family or the operation of your business depends on us.

Service Excellence

Because your home, business, or job site depends on our ability to deliver, we maintain the highest possible professional standards. 

Excellent service means timely help performed expertly the first time around so that you don’t waste more effort, time, or money on the projects we’ve completed for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to help and guarantee your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied with our work.

Mutual Respect

Any good relationship (professional or otherwise) begins with mutual respect. At Dixie, we know how much your project means to your comfort, continued operation, success, and happiness. We keep those things in mind on the job, channeling our respect for your property, business, and time into everything that we do so that we can earn your respect rather than just receive it as a matter of course.

Delivering Happiness

Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are more than just necessary components in larger machines. Modern comforts such as these are designed to deliver every advantage that modern life has to offer so that you can get on with your life without additional anxieties or troubles. Though it may sound odd to hear, these current systems contribute to your happiness, and we strive to deliver that happiness in our work.

Measured Safety

At the end of the day, safety saves lives. A measured approach to safe working environments and safe work ensures the health, happiness, and prosperity of our employees and customers alike. We don’t take risks with our team, and our team won’t take chances with your residential or commercial systems that might expose you, your employees, or your loved ones to the slightest dangers whatsoever.

Always Improving

You can burn many calories by patting yourself on the back, but it won’t make you any better or more fit to deliver on your promises tomorrow. Our values guide us in everything we do, but we also know that there’s room for improvement. Resting on your laurels may help to take a load off, but it won’t improve the lives of your customers in the future. For this reason, we take every pain to search for areas of improvement and make the necessary changes to deliver every time—yesterday, today, and most importantly, tomorrow.

Community Values 

Does a company really need values? We would argue: of course they do. Other organizations have their own way of doing business, but at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, our way means standing by the values that got us here. 

For 113 years, these values have served us, our customers, and our communities. That’s a legacy we’re proud to live up to on each job. So when you need some work done to your commercial, residential, or job site systems, call us and put our values to the test. We’ll deliver on each and every one of them—this time and the next.


Call Dixie, and it’s done! 

To schedule a service with Dixie, call for 334.232.0236 Montgomery or 334.835.5161 for Auburn. You can also schedule an appointment online.