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Plumbing 101: Tricks Every Homeowner Should Know

plumbing 101

Learn the essential DIY tips and tricks for basic plumbing repairs and maintenance.  We’ve all been there: a toilet continuously runs for several minutes, even hours, after flushing. A shower fills up with water instead of draining as it should. A frozen pipe bursts, leaving a soggy mess all over our house. Plumbing problems are quite common, and for many of us, often mean calling the plumber and paying for expensive repairs. There are, however, a few DIY tips and pieces of advice that many plumbers won’t tell you because they’re quick and easy ways to save you a service repair. 

Plumbing 101: Basic Plumbing Rules & Repairs for Your Home

Educate Your Family On What’s Flushable

Don’t use the toilet as a trash can, and don’t flush anything that isn’t toilet paper. If you have a small child or a baby in the home, understand that even “flushable” wipes can clog your system. Have a nothing but toilet paper flushing rule in your home from the get-go. 

Be Aware Of The Kitchen Sink And Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal isn’t a catch-all when it comes to throwing food or other items away. There are certain things it can handle, and certain things that will break it or cause clogs. Rinsing food down the sink can also potentially cause problems. After serving meals, instruct your family or guests to scrape off extra food or scraps into the garbage can before placing them into the sink. 

Stud-finders Don’t Just Locate Studs

Are you moving into a new home? Eager to hang up pictures or drill holes for shelving? A stud finder won’t merely locate studs; it could also indicate where there’s a potential pipe. Drilling into a pipe isn’t exactly the best way to “break-in” a new home, so be on the lookout for this pitfall by knowing where you want to drill, hammer, or cut into walls.  

Know How To Locate Your Shut-off Valves

Homeowners should learn the location of their shut-off valves before they move into a new home. This all-important valve is crucial in the event of a pipe bursting or other plumbing malfunctions, as well as periodic clean-outs of the home’s plumbing system. 

Invest In The Right Tools For The Job

There are four things homeowners should have on hand: a high-quality plunger, a drain snake, a wet-dry vacuum, and plumber’s tape:

  • Plungers can work on everything from sinks to showers to toilets. 
  • A snake is better for your pipes than a chemical cleaner. 
  • A wet-dry vacuum can help you remove small, hard objects, such as toys, that might be causing a clog. 

Always check for leaks, and if something needs to be re-sealed, use plumber’s tape. Plumber’s tape can be used to wrap pipes to prevent leaks, restore flow, and help with overall sealing. These few items, found at most home improvement stores, could save you a call to the plumber just by themselves. 

Be Quick To Fix Slow Leaks, But Don’t Tighten Too Tight.

Steady drips can mean money steadily leaving your wallet. Don’t let a little leak, no matter how insignificant, become a more significant problem down the road. Home-grown plumbers would also be wise to practice the phrase, “hand tight is just right,” when it comes to fittings and bolts. A too-tight valve could end up making leaks worse for your home’s plumbing system. 

Why Is This Information Helpful To Homeowners? 

Any plumber would tell you that the tools and methods used to get the job done are just as crucial as the know-how. In the age of “Googling” for answers and YouTube instructional videos, we know many homeowners feel empowered to tackle repairs themselves. We think you’ll do a great job, too! But, when the repair gets too much for you to handle, you can count on Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air to help you get everything flowing smoothly again. We’re the homeowner’s partner every step (or flush) of the way. 

Call Dixie and it’s done!

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