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The Dixie Cares Plan & The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

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Home is where the heart is. So far this year, it’s also where you’ve spent the majority of your time. Since you’ve been inside your home for the last few months, you might’ve even noticed minor issues in the performance of your electrical, plumbing, or HVAC units. 
These minor issues, while they might be tolerable now, can lead to more significant problems down the road if left unchecked. This is why we recommend preventative maintenance strategies for homeowners. 

Preventative Home Maintenance Is An Essential Tool

Your home is your most important investment. It provides stability and security. Don’t let today’s small problems turn into more extensive (and expensive) issues down the road: embrace the idea of preventative maintenance.
From comfort to potentially fewer breakdowns to saving you money on utilities, maintenance of your home’s electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems ensures enjoyment and comfort within your home for years to come. 

Preventative Maintenance Strategies For Your Home’s Electrical System

As homeowners rely on electricity to power the essential elements inside their houses, electrical maintenance is critical. Not only will preventative maintenance help prevent damage to electrical systems, but it also protects your family from the potential of electrical fires, keeping your family safe. 
Working with and around electricity can be intimidating for many homeowners, however, and it’s often best left to a professional. In the meantime, inspect the breakers, circuits, and switches throughout your home. If something is not working correctly, preventative maintenance and inspections can often help identify the root of the issue. 

When Was The Last Time You Had A Plumbing Inspection? 

A drop here, a drip there: these leaks add up – both in overall water wasted and money you lose on your water bill each month. 
Preventative plumbing maintenance checks for:

  • leaks
  • clogs 
  • signs of corrosion
  • and water pressure issues

We want to ensure everything flows exactly as it should. 
For homeowners, addressing preventative maintenance also means your family knows the proper things to put (and not to put) down a shower or toilet drain. And, here’s a hint: many times, a plumbing snake is one of the best purchases you can make for preventing broader issues with your home’s plumbing. 

HVAC Preventative Maintenance: Summer Sizzles in Alabama

One thing many homeowners fail to realize is how critical maintenance is to your heating and cooling units. Not only are Alabama temperature and weather patterns often extreme (hello, summer heat!), but manufacturers often recommend regular maintenance to honor existing warranties. 
Maintenance can include:

  • changing air filters
  • checking for mold and dust
  • testing temperature and control systems
  • clearing debris from your outside unit

While the above preventative maintenance actions are straightforward, a reliable professional HVAC technician can show you where your system could be performing optimally. During our preventative maintenance HVAC tune-ups, we can also identify any problem areas before they become major issues.

A Solution To Your Electric, Plumbing & HVAC Maintenance Worries? The Dixie Cares Plan

Our Dixie Cares Plan provides you with whole-home, worry-free preventative maintenance for your home’s electrical, plumbing, and HVAC units. Technicians survey your systems to detect problems BEFORE they become problems and give you the peace of mind needed to enjoy your home through all seasons. 
Are you tired of being treated like just another number in a queue? Our Dixie Cares Plan also means you’re a VIC: a Very Important Customer. Our plan members also enjoy a 15% savings on plumbing, air conditioning, or heating repairs.
Learn more about The Dixie Cares plan, and contact us today if this sounds like the peace of mind you want from a home servicing partner. 

Call Dixie And It’s Done!

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