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OK, you forgot to set your alarm last night and woke a little bit late this morning. You’ve had your cup of coffee, now it’s time for a quick hot shower and then off to work. You turn on the shower and a few minutes later, you stick your hand under the water. Still cold. A few minutes later, same thing. “I don’t have time for this,” you’re thinking.
We’ve all been in that boat, waiting for the water to heat up. This a natural byproduct of a traditional hot water system in which the water is pumped from a water heater tank. The cold water you feel coming out of the shower when you initially turn it on was hot at one time but has since cooled in the pipes. It takes a little while for the water to be heated and pumped to the desired location in the house.
Your friends at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Enjoy hot water on demand with the installation of a recirculating pump. A recirculation pump system quickly pulls hot water from the heater, while simultaneously sending the cold water back to the heater, where it is heated and recirculated. This means there is always hot water ready to be delivered. In the long run, this can save you not only time, but money on your utility bills. It will also decrease the amount of water used because you won’t be flushing that cold water down the drain while waiting on the hot water.
A tankless water heater is also an option and can be used with a recirculating pump. It instantly heats water that flows through it and does not retain any water like a traditional water heater tank. Because they do not have large water tanks, the tankless heaters do not require the same amount of space, which means they may be installed at various points throughout the home, closer to points of use such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
Recirculating pumps and tankless water heaters are an alternative water heating and delivery option for any home but are a particularly good fit for ranch-style homes, which are one level. The continuous readiness and delivery of on-demand hot water is accentuated in these homes.

Dixie features a complete line of Taco and Grundfos circulating pumps and Navien tankless hot water systems. Call us today to find out more about on-demand hot water systems and eliminate your waiting time at the shower door!