Life is full of those significant moments that you mark in time. Graduations and birthdays, marriage, the birth of your children. Your first home. Selling that first home or perhaps the home where so many of those other life-changing occasions took place also has a place on the list. So, when you decide to sell that home, no matter the reason, it is a major move.
So, you and your spouse have made the decision, which means it is time to get your home ready to sell. If you haven’t already, partnering with a licensed real estate professional is always a good move. Experienced real estate agents will help you not only determine what your home is worth, but what needs to be done to it to maximize its appeal to prospective buyers.
First impression is important, so once your home is ready to list, ask your realtor to hold an open house to announce its arrival on the market. This will provide a forum for other agents and potential buyers to get a first look. Making your home look as good as possible with landscaping improvements, interior/exterior painting and cleaning are all crucial. Making minor repairs on such items as broken windows or door knobs or any holes in the wall are also obvious must-dos. If your roof is old or aging, you should also have your it inspected by a licensed roofing professional.
Making sure your major appliances are in peak working condition or are repaired/replaced if necessary is also important. With that in mind, your friends at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air offer a few tips of our own to make sure those major appliances/systems are ready for your home’s sale:
Here in the Montgomery and Auburn areas, we are in the full throes of summer. This means your home’s HVAC system is taking a beating. Auburn and Montgomery air conditioning sales, service and repair begins and ends with Dixie, so call us today for a checkup of your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. Out top-notch technicians will diagnose any problems, offer options for any repairs/replacements, and also let you know if your cooling system is as energy efficient as possible.
Obviously, if you have any leaking pipes or a suspect water heater, those issues need to be corrected. Replacing worn or outdated fixtures is also a nice touch. Dixie’s staff includes the best plumbers in Montgomery and Auburn, so give us a call and let our professionals check out all your pipes, water lines, drains and appliances.

A complete inspection of your home’s electrical system by our experts will not only reveal anything that a potential buyer’s inspector might find, but also give you peace of mind. This includes testing of circuits and outlets, inspection of appliance hookups and operation and checking smoke and CO detectors.

Making sure all of these things are done will not only make your home worth more but will also keep you from getting any surprises when potential buyers bring in their own inspectors. Call Dixie for the best HVAC, plumbing and electrical service in Montgomery and Auburn and it’s done! Now you are ready for an open house … good luck!