Save Money, Water—Stop the Leaking Toilet

There is water waste you can hear, the drip, drip, drip, of a leaking faucet. There is water waste you can see, the garden hose you accidentally left running and is now flooding the front lawn. But what about the water waste you can’t easily see or hear? It could be costing you a lot of money.
In this case, one of the most common culprits is your leaking toilet. A leaky toilet can waste about 200 gallons a day, or six-thousand gallons-a-month. While water costs vary, that can be as much as $70 a month. One common cause is a toilet flapper that’s leaking allowing water to run from the tank into the bowl. In some cases you might hear the water running, but a silent toilet leak can still waste a lot of water without you even knowing it.
Here’s a tip from your friends at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. There is an easy way to check and it’s called the leaking toilet dye test. Put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank then wait for about a half-hour. If the water in the toilet bowl turns color, you know you have a leaking toilet flapper. You can usually find a replacement at your local store and it’s pretty easy to replace.
While this particular problem is a good do-it-yourself project, the leaking toilet could be just a sign of other plumbing problems in the home. Protect your home with a plumbing inspection from one of Dixie’s professional plumbers serving Auburn and Montgomery, AL. It is the best way to prevent catastrophic plumbing breakdowns that can cause thousands of dollars in damage.
During a home plumbing inspection we examine fixtures, shut-off valves, pipe connections, your water heater, and drains. An expert plumber can spot things like corrosion or signs of small leaks that could soon become big problems.
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