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Smelly Problems can Mean Indoor Air Quality Issues

Everyone appreciates the visual beauty of snow-capped mountains or a gorgeous sunset. For many people, the beautiful sounds created by an opera singer or a concert pianist can move them to tears. But psychologists tell us smell might be the most powerful of the senses. Especially in the way it’s linked to memories.
Where are we going with this? Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air knows not all smells are pleasant; and bad smells can often indicate a problem, or even create unhealthy indoor air quality in your home.
One common complaint we hear is hot water that smells like rotten eggs. It’s usually caused by bacteria that exist naturally in the water. It interacts with the metals used to make the anode rod inside the tank. The reaction creates hydrogen sulfide gas—yeah, the same stuff your chemistry teacher made you smell back in high school, and you remember how fun that was. Dixie’s expert plumbers can determine what’s causing the problem and offer possible solutions. After all, no one wants their shower water to smell.
There are other water heater odors that could be more problematic. Never ignore a burning smell that seems to be coming from your water heater. Most often, it’s a sign there’s some electrical arcing going on which could start a fire. If your hot water smells like gas, it could be an indication of a gas leak and you should call an expert immediately.
Other household smells may not be as easily detected, but can still cause health concerns. Dust and mold can create odors which are a warning sign of poor indoor air quality and can affect people with asthma or allergies. What does mold smell like you ask? The best description is an unpleasant earthy or musty smell. A dust build up in your ventilation system can also contribute to the problem.
Other odors can indicate the presence of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. They are gases emitted from a nearly endless variety of sources. Paints, stains, garden chemicals, cosmetics, and household furnishings can all emit VOCs.
Even though we’re talking about smelly things, we can’t forget about an odorless killer, carbon monoxide; and CO safety should always be at the top of your list when it comes to protecting your home and family.
Here is the good news. Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air has the experts to handle any problems you might have. We take care of water heater repairs in Montgomery, AL, Auburn, AL, and points in between. We also offer a full range of indoor air quality solutions, including air filtration and purifying, and carbon monoxide detection. Don’t put up with obnoxious smells and unhealthy air. Call Dixie now and make your appointment. Like and follow us on our Facebook page to get even more important information.