The Type of Plumbing You Really Need

We all know there are medical doctors who are specialists, but did you also know there are “specialists” when it comes to plumbers? It may not be exactly the same thing, but Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air wants to make sure you know there are different types of plumbing services. In fact, there are three distinct specialties when it comes to plumbers:

  • Commercial plumbers
  • Residential plumbers
  • Service & repair

Let’s talk a few specifics because not every plumber is right for every type of plumbing service.


These plumbers are trained in dealing with large public plumbing systems including schools, shopping centers, and hospitals. They are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining pipes in commercial or industrial buildings. Commercial plumbing is generally more complex just because of the size and number of fixtures and drains. Commercial plumbing service also includes maintenance of the systems after they have been installed. Protecting against breakdowns is vital in business and industrial settings because any disruption affects many more people than a plumbing failure in a home.


This type of plumbing service generally refers to a plumber who does a lot of work on new construction and remodeling projects. Residential plumbers are experts at installing pipe systems in homes and apartments. They are essential in making sure the water and toilets work in your Auburn, Opelika, or Montgomery, AL home. 

Service & repair

This is what you typically think about for plumbing services like a leaking pipe or clogged drain. 
Their technical training and experience are focused on solving problems in existing plumbing systems. While commercial and residential plumbers may spend more time interacting with contractors on job sites, service and repair plumbers work directly with home and business owners. This means they must have really good customer service skills.

What it means for you

When you call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air you are assured of getting someone who can help with your specific type of plumbing service. To be clear, all our plumbers have excellent training, but our goal is always to match you up with a plumber who has the specific skills your job requires. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information like this.