It would be nice if we could could jump in our cars day after day, turn the ignition and just drive. But we all know that it’s not that easy…. we have to maintain the vehicle so it starts each day, runs smoothly and doesn’t leave you stranded. The same approach applies to your home’s heating and cooling system. It needs regular and effective maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency while keeping your home climate-controlled.
Regular A/C or heating maintenance helps keep your system operating efficiently, thereby saving you money on your utility bills. It also can prevent costly repairs and helps protect our environment, especially when it comes to detecting and correcting air conditioning refrigerant leaks. Not only does a leaking air conditioner pose a threat to the environment, it is also one of the leading causes of system failure. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that a system only one-half pound low on refrigerant can lead to 20% more utility usage. Plus, if you check out your system’s home warranty details, you will find that it is void if regular maintenance is not performed.
So, the next time your hear someone say that regular maintenance really doesn’t make a difference, you will know better. Regular and effective maintenance can improve your comfort, promote longer system life, save up to 10-30% on utility costs, reduce the likelihood of A/C or furnace breakdowns, meet warranty requirements and save on repairs. At Dixie, we offer a maintenance plan that will meet all of those criteria and provide you with peace of mind. Call us today to learn about our DixieCares Plan, which includes one air conditioning system tune-up and one heating system tune-up each year. This service will not only improve efficiency, promote safety, promote longer equipment life, and reduce breakdowns but will also satisfy manufacturer maintenance requirements to keep warranties in place. Call Dixie, and it’s done!