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Why Electrical Maintenance is Necessary

Think of all the 3-letter acronyms you know off the top of your head:

  • FBI
  • EPA
  • CIA
  • CDC
  • SUV

And don’t even get us started on all those acronyms our kids are using on social media. Don’t know about you, but we’ve pretty much given up trying to learn them.
However, there is one more acronym Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air wants to make sure you know about because it’s critical to the safety and wellbeing of your business or commercial operation:


It stands for Electric Preventive Maintenance. Many people don’t think of an electrical system as needing regular maintenance, but they would be wrong.

Value of EPM

Consider this, according to studies the failure rate of electrical components is three times higher when they are not part of a scheduled commercial electric maintenance program. Electrical equipment ages over time and you can’t stop the process. Age increases the chance of failure. More than two-thirds of electrical system failures can be prevented by routine EPM.

Complex Systems

The importance of electrical maintenance is magnified because electrical components can be some of the most intricate and complex systems in a business setting.  Properly trained and licensed electricians are the best way to repair, troubleshoot and maintain systems and equipment supplying electricity to industrial and commercial buildings. You may think you can handle electrical maintenance in your Auburn or Montgomery, AL building, but it’s better if it’s performed by someone who has completed electrical maintenance training and is qualified to do the job.

Reasons for EPM

We’ve already alluded to many of the reasons for commercial electrical maintenance, but let’s try to break it down into the specifics with our top 5:

  • Test all installed electrical equipment to assure proper functioning
  • Make sure all protective measures are being taken
  • Correct any dangerous defects
  • Prevent damaging fires to the property
  • Meet insurance requirements.
    • Some insurance companies won’t pay claims if maintenance isn’t done

Identifying & Locating Dangerous Conditions

Another advantage of hiring EPM experts is the sophisticated tools they have to work with. Right at the top of the list is a thermographic camera or scanner. It uses infrared technology to locate hot spots or sources of heat. Simply put it can look through walls, ceilings, and other solid objects to find things like a loose connection, a wire that’s too hot, or a defective switch or outlet.

Don’t Risk Safety

Electricity is dangerous. It can kill, injure, and cause property destruction. Think about the consequences of even one electrical accident:

  • OSHA investigation
  • Workers’ Comp claims
  • Liability lawsuits

Anyone of those events can bring your business to a standstill. We’re not saying EPM ends all risk, but it certainly puts the odds in your favor.

Call Dixie, And It’s Done

Make the phone call right now to Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. We will set up an EPM schedule to protect your business. Our doors opened in 1908. Now with offices in Auburn and Montgomery, AL we can serve all locations in Central & Eastern Alabama. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.