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Columbus, GA

The Benefits of Having Annual Home Electrical Inspections

I wish I knew why that light is flickering?

Why is the circuit breaker tripping?

What shocked me when I plugged in the coffee maker?

There could be any number of answers to those questions. Some very innocent and harmless. Some extremely dangerous. Very few homeowners are able to tell the difference. It’s why we urge you to get regular electrical maintenance from the pros at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air.


Let’s talk about some of the reasons why you should get routine electrical maintenance.


  • Without an electrical inspection, you can’t locate and identify hidden dangers. A home with faulty wiring is dangerous. The risks include fires, overloaded circuits, and electrical shocks.

Making Sure Your Home Is Up To Code:

  • Part of electrical maintenance is making sure the wiring in your home is up to code. In other words, it meets the standards and requirements set by local authorities. The codes are often revised and updated.

Disaster Avoidance And Money Saved:

  • If you are the cynical type, you might wonder if the benefits of electrical maintenance are worth the expense and inconvenience. It will be too late to answer that question if you have a damaging house fire. Or when an electrical surge because of faulty wiring fries your valuable laptop computer. Doesn’t it make more sense to fix the problems before something like that happens?

Safe & Sound

When you get electrical maintenance from Dixie, it includes our famed Safe and Sound inspection by our licensed electricians. Here are just a few of the high-tech tools we use and the tests we perform:

  • Thermal cameras—This uses infrared technology to look through walls and ceilings. It detects hot spots indicating loose connections or overheating wires.
  • Sonar arc detection—The sonar technology lets us hear slight vibrations that indicate loose connections. Often detecting the problem before arcing actually occurs.
  • Circuit tracer—Allows us to verify proper labeling and correct wire and breaker size for each circuit.
  • Electrical panel—We will inspect this with the proverbial fine-tooth comb. We’ll focus on checking all the connections, look for any sign of arcing, and make sure all circuits are properly grounded

Call Dixie, And It’s Done

We urge you to call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air right now to schedule electrical maintenance for your Auburn or Montgomery, Alabama home or business. For more great safety information year-round be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.