Why Is My Mini Split Making Loud Noises?

mini split making loud noises? call dixie

Mini-split air conditioning systems are becoming more popular in many homes due to their efficiency and the fact that they do not require ductwork. However, like traditional HVAC systems, they can sometimes develop problems that need to be addressed, such as when they’re making loud noises. 

There are several possibilities to explain why your mini-split is making loud noises. The most common challenges are:

Loose or malfunctioning parts – A mini-split air conditioning system consists of many components that work together to provide cool air. These parts can become loose or worn out over time, leading to the production of loud noises. The trained HVAC technicians at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air can inspect your system and complete the necessary mini-split repair to have it running at peak performance again.  

Dirty or clogged filters – When the filters in a mini-split air conditioning system become dirty or clogged, the system must work harder to provide cool air, which may cause the mini-split to sound unusual.

Improper installation – If the mini-split air conditioning system was not installed correctly, it may produce loud noises due to vibrations or other issues. Don’t settle for less. Call Dixie for all your mini-split repairs or any other HVAC needs.

Refrigerant leaks – A refrigerant leak in a mini-split air conditioning system may cause the system to sound like it’s hissing or bubbling. 

To diagnose the specific cause of the loud noises in your mini-split air conditioning system, it’s best to contact Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air. Dixie’s HVAC technicians will complete a comprehensive inspection to identify the source of the noises. 

To prevent loud noises or other issues with your mini-split air conditioning system, regular maintenance is essential, including cleaning or replacing filters, tightening any loose parts and making sure all the components are in good working order. 

Be proactive with your mini-split. Call Dixie today to schedule a maintenance visit before the summer rush.