You Have Options When it Comes to Home Heating

Consumers have many home heating choices. When it comes to HVAC needs in Montgomery, AL or the surrounding area, Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is here to sort through the choices to find out what will work best for you. The most common heating is some form of forced air heat, but it may not be the best heating system in all cases.
Gas Furnace
If you have access to natural gas, a gas furnace is a great home heating option. It burns the gas to heat the air which is then circulated throughout the home using ducts and a fan. Natural gas is generally speaking more economical for home heating compared to electricity. Dixie features forced air furnaces by American Standard.
Many Alabama homes, especially in rural areas, don’t have access to natural gas. They can still use a gas furnace, but one that burns propane instead. The drawbacks are having to install a tank on your property and running the risk of having no heat if you forget to fill the tank, or your supplier can’t deliver the propane.
Electric Heat Pump
That’s why many people choose
electric heat pumps to heat AND cool their homes. The electricity is not used to heat the air. Instead, it runs a compressor that “squeezes” the existing heat out of the air. Yes, even during winter there is heat in the air, and the heat pump removes it and circulates it through a central system just like a furnace would. The latest technology has made heat pumps that can heat effectively even when it’s as cold as 0℉,so it should have no problem heating homes in Central Alabama. While electric heat is usually more expensive than natural gas, the rapidly changing heat pump technology has closed the gap. When you consider the cost of a large propane tank and the inconvenience of filling the tank, an electric heat pump from from Dixie by American Standard or Daikin may be the most efficient heating system for  your home.
Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump
If your home doesn’t have a central system or you are adding on to your house, a
ductless mini-split heat pump is a great choice. It uses the same efficient technology as the electric heat pump we just mentioned, but it doesn’t require ductwork. Instead, the compressor can be connected to as many as four air handlers that are usually installed on the wall in individual rooms. The air handlers deliver the warm air directly so you have ductless heating. Again, heat pump technology means the mini splits can also be used to cool the home in the summer.
We can also help you if you want to turn your garage into a heated living space like a man cave or hobby room. There are many types of garage heaters. Call Dixie to determine what kind is best for your particular situation.
We hope we have been able to educate you a little about the options for home heating. If you have any questions about the HVAC systems in your Montgomery or Auburn, AL home, don’t hesitate to call. Remember our motto, “Call Dixie, and it’s done.” Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep getting more great information.