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6 Reasons You Want to Schedule a Fall HVAC Tune-up

Old folks may remember these lyrics to a Johnny Horton song, “When it’s springtime in Alaska it’s 40 below.” Well, allow us to change things up just a little bit with these lyrics, “When it’s autumn in Alabama it’s hot and steamy.” 
Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air understands if you haven’t scheduled seasonal maintenance yet on your heating system. You’re probably too busy thinking about college football. But one of these days you’re going to feel the chill in the air and there are some very good reasons to schedule your HVAC tune-up now.

Seasonal Maintenance Warranty Compliance:

Many times, regular HVAC maintenance by a licensed technician is required to keep your manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty from being voided. The last thing you want to experience is the warranty not covering an expensive repair on your Auburn or Montgomery, AL home.

Health & safety:

Seasonal maintenance on your heating system includes a test for any dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. More than 400 people die every year from CO poisoning. Don’t be a statistic.

Reduce the chances of a breakdown with seasonal maintenance:

An HVAC tune-up makes it far less likely you will face the nightmare of a system breakdown in the middle of a cold snap. Imagine having no heat during a holiday gathering at your home.


Routine maintenance extends the operating life of your expensive heating and cooling systems. An efficient system doesn’t have to work as hard meaning it could last years longer and lessens the chances of needing expensive repairs.

Save money:

The increased efficiency from seasonal maintenance means you will save money every month in lower utility bills. Wouldn’t it be great to have some extra cash to spend on Christmas presents?

Peace of mind:

There is enough stress in your life. We can’t make any guarantees, but an HVAC tune-up certainly lessens the likelihood you will have to deal with a heating system problem in the near future.

Call Dixie, and it’s done

No matter how hot it is right now, it’s a great time to call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air to schedule your seasonal maintenance. In fact, it makes a lot more sense than waiting until the cold weather arrives, and our phones are ringing off the hook. Better yet, a maintenance program as a Dixie Cares Plan member is even more peace of mind. We call to schedule your appointment, plus you receive priority service and special customer discounts! 
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