Do Mini Splits Work in Cold Weather?

Do Mini Splits Work in Cold Weather

When it comes to adaptability mini-splits win, hands down. Mini-splits are sometimes referred to as mini-split heat pump systems. Mini-splits can provide both cooling and heating, making them a popular heating choice because of their versatility and efficiency regardless of the temperatures outside. Mini-splits are also ductless, which lowers their upfront installation costs. In addition, the small size of a ductless mini-split system adds to their usability among homeowners.

If your home has hot or cold spots, a mini-split may be just what you need to keep your indoor environment comfortable all year long. The inside temperature is managed with zoned programming, so customizing rooms to satisfy the occupants is easier than ever, whether it’s 98 degrees in the summer or a frigid 35 degrees during the winter.

Another great use for a mini-split is in home additions where ductwork tying into the current heating and cooling system is non-existent. Installing additional ductwork for a traditional system can be costly as well as impossible. The ductless mini-split will work independently from your existing HVAC system to provide either heat or cool to specific rooms. Besides eliminating costly ductwork, up to four indoor condensers can be tied to one outdoor unit, allowing you to add heating or cooling to multiple rooms, providing a great return on your investment.

Can You Save Money with Mini Splits?

With no energy loss due to ductwork leaks, and since individual thermostats allow for customized climate control, a mini-split system may improve overall energy efficiency by up to 30%. Over time, savings in utility costs could be substantial.

Mini-splits are a great choice for homeowners during both cold and hot weather. They’re versatile, efficient and can be installed at a relatively low cost compared to other heating sources.

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