It’s National Fire Prevention Week – Schedule Your Furnace Maintenance

National Fire Prevention Week

Fire prevention week is a great opportunity to consider the importance of electrical safety and annual furnace maintenance. The well-being of our customers is important to Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, which includes ensuring your furnace and electricity are both in good working order. 

With regularly scheduled furnace and electrical maintenance, you gain peace of mind that small issues are handled before becoming huge problems. With our all-inclusive Dixie Cares Maintenance Plan, you get both furnace and air conditioning maintenance in addition to annual electrical and plumbing inspections. Neglecting to maintain your home comfort systems puts you and your loved ones at risk and may even cause additional losses of your material possessions. 


  • It’s the most economical way to know your heating system will run efficiently and safely when you need it. 
  • By being proactive, broken or malfunctioning parts can be repaired before they cause major damage.
  • Most HVAC manufacturers require regular maintenance to maintain equipment warranties. 


Purchase a Dixie Cares Plan and your HVAC, electric and plumbing fixtures will operate as they should when needed. Our whole-home worry-free maintenance package is a sound investment to complement the total value of your home. Your overall comfort will improve, and you’ll likely experience lower monthly utility costs with equipment that is clean and working at its best. 

Our trained technicians will also perform a full safety electrical check, which protects your loved ones and everything that operates by electricity in your home. Your plumbing system will be inspected for leaks and drips to ensure you’re not throwing money down the drain.


Don’t take your home’s electric, plumbing or comfort system for granted and assume all is good. Just call Dixie today and schedule your home inspections and maintenance before there’s an issue.