There are many wonderful things we take for granted. Our freedom, the fact that the sun is going to rise in the east every morning, and a juicy cheeseburger and fries are a few that come to mind.
Electricity is another facet of everyday life in this modern world that we take for granted. We assume when we flip a power switch that whatever electrical device or fixture that it controls will come on. We can’t imagine life without electricity, right?
So, when the power goes out, we want it back on immediately if not sooner. And we want to know why it went out to begin with. Many times, especially in the Auburn and Montgomery areas, the loss of electricity is due to Mother Nature’s tantrums, but sometimes it can be the result of a faulty electrical system. Your friends at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air want to remind you that issues with your home’s electrical system are not to be ignored, simply because they are a leading cause of tens of thousands of home fires in America each year.
Electrical issues can be hard to detect, primarily because the wires that make up your home’s electrical system are hidden behind walls and beneath floors. But here are a few signs or symptoms of an underlying issue with your home’s electrical system.

  • STRANGE SMELLS. If you notice a strange burning smell coming from an electrical outlet or appliance, you could have a serious problem. Unplug anything connected to it and call one of Dixie’s licensed electricians immediately.
  • WEIRD NOISES. Outlets and switches are generally silent. If you hear popping, crackling, sizzling or buzzing noises, call an electrician.
  • FLICKERING LIGHTS. Power surges are the most common cause of flickering lights and they can take a toll on wires, outlets, fixtures and appliances. This could lead to damage or a fire threat and also need the immediate attention of a professional electrician.
  • FREQUENTLY TRIPPING CIRCUIT BREAKER. An occasional circuit breaker tripping off is usually not a cause for concern. This occurs when a circuit is overloaded and it is designed to trip off to reduce overloading it to the point of it becoming a fire hazard. If it happens frequently, it could need immediate attention.

We cannot emphasize this enough: call the electricity experts at Dixie if you notice any of the above issues or others that you suspect may be electricity-related. We also can help you achieve peace of mind with our Safe & Sound service. Our technicians will perform a thorough electrical safety inspection on your home using such technological tools as infrared thermal imaging and ultrasonic arc protection to detect any warm spots in your walls, loose connections and other potential electrical fire issues. We will also check your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors.

Helping our customers ensure the safety of their homes and families is of paramount importance to us, so schedule a Safe & Sound inspection today. Call Dixie, and it’s done!