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10 Must-Know Holiday Lighting Tips for Home Safety

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The holiday season is undoubtedly the most magical time of the year, and holiday lighting plays an important role in creating that dreamy atmosphere we all love! 

However, December is the leading month for home fires, and over 160 home fire emergencies start each year from the Christmas tree! So, make sure to review these expert tips before decorating your home. 

10 Unmissable Holiday Lighting Tips for a Safe Christmas

Here at Dixie, we love holiday lights as much as you do, but we also understand the increased risk that they carry. Below, you can find a list of ten tips that can help you prevent a home fire and enjoy a much safer holiday season. 

1. Inspect Your Lights Before Putting Them Up

Before installing your Christmas lights, make sure to check each set of lights and every bulb. Inspect your purchase for cracks, broken sockets, and loose connections – or anything that just doesn’t look right!

2. Use Only Lights That Have Been Tested and Certified

Only use lights that have been tested for safety. You should see the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification label on the box.

3. Keep Light Bulbs From Flammable Material

Don’t let light bulbs rest on flammable materials, such as tree branches and certain fabrics. While the lights might be intact, the heat can trigger a fire. 

4. Monitor Children and Pets Around Christmas Lights

If your household includes children and pets, make sure to keep an eye on them when they are around lights, sockets, connections, and small pieces of decorations that could be ingested. 

5. Don’t Leave Your Home Unsupervised

Holiday season lighting should only be that – seasonal! And, you should always remember to switch them off when leaving your home or going to sleep. If you are afraid you will forget, consider investing in holiday lights with a timer.

6. Avoid Overloading Outlets

We know that there is always competition with your neighbor, but you should not put up more lights than your outlets allow! Overloading outlets can cause severe damage to your home’s electrical system and represent a fire hazard.

7. Use Suitable Exterior Lights To Light Up Your Garden

If you are thinking of using Christmas lights outdoors, pick a weatherproof type and suitable for outdoor environments. Even if it doesn’t rain, standard lights might not operate safely in cold temperatures.

8. Keep Your Cords Safe

The lights’ cords should be kept safe at all times. To do so, make sure they are not passed through windows and doors or positioned in places where they can easily become managed, bent, or corroded. 

9. Opt for LED Lights

LED lights are an excellent choice to reduce your energy consumption during the holiday period. But their benefits don’t end here! LED lights are more durable than incandescent bulbs and much safer. 

10. If in Doubt, Discard Them!

If you have noticed signs of damage or are unsure about your Christmas lights’ safety, don’t take chances! Instead, discard them and invest in new sets.

Trust Home Safety to the Experts at Dixie

Over 35 percent of all home fire emergencies occur from electrical distribution or equipment over the holiday season. So, while you should not hold back and decorate your home into a magical winter wonderland, you should never underestimate the safety hazard of holiday lighting.  

Call Dixie, and it’s done!

Whether you have a question about holiday lighting safety or you are unsure about a specific certification on your Christmas light’s box, our team of electricians at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air is here to assist you. 

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