Prepare Now for Winter & Spring Power Outages

We can safely say hurricane season is behind us, but it doesn’t mean the risk from natural disasters is gone. If you’ve lived in the south for very long, you know there is a threat of ice storms every winter. Ice storms can mean widespread power outages, and if the storm is severe enough it can take days or weeks to have power restored.
Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air wants to make sure you are prepared and have some tips to help you get through an outage.

  • Put together a power outage emergency kit ahead of time


      • Make sure you have flashlights around the house and make sure they are working
      • Avoid using candles because of the fire danger
      • Have a battery operated radio in the house
      • Stock up on batteries for any devices you plan to use during a power outage
      • The kit should include bottled water and ready to eat food (enough for a few days)


  • What to do when the power goes out


    • Call your utility company to report the outage
    • Turn off electrical equipment
    • Leave at least 1 light turned on so you’ll know when power is restored.

You may think of a power outage as an inconvenience, but depending on your circumstances and the weather at the time, it can be much more serious. A cold house during the winter, or a hot house during the summer, can be dangerous for infants, toddlers, the elderly, and people with medical problems.
If those circumstances are present in your house, then your power outage checklist is a little more complicated. You should know of some climate controlled safe spaces you can go to until the power is restored. Another option for households with at-risk family members is to buy a portable generator. Generators large enough to power heating and cooling systems are quite expensive, but it may be worth the investment. Please remember, it takes a licensed electrician to safely connect a generator to your home’s electric system.
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