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Six Pesky HVAC Problems Your Family May Suffer Through This Winter

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Winter has officially arrived for those of us in Alabama! Most homeowners have transitioned their HVAC system from using the cool air conditioning to warm, comforting heat. (Even though the possibility that we’ll have to turn it back to A/C tomorrow is always present!) 
From Montgomery to Auburn, colder temperatures and shorter days make the desire to stay inside the comfort of your home even greater! With more time spent indoors, you want to be sure that your home’s HVAC system is prepared for winter.

Six Common HVAC Problems & Repairs During Winter

At Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, we have over 100 years of experience servicing Alabama in Montgomery, Auburn, and surrounding areas. While the last thing you want to deal with during the winter is an untimely HVAC repair, it’s common for your heating system and furnace to need maintenance during this season. Read on for the most common HVAC repairs your home may need and what you can do to prepare your home for the winter. 

1. Air Doesn’t Feel Warm

There’s nothing worse than when you turn on the heat only to experience cold air blowing out. If this occurs, it’s likely a result of dirty air filters preventing your HVAC system from functioning correctly. Without routine cleaning and replacement, HVAC filters can get clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris, blocking proper airflow. Replacing your old air filters can help your heating system get back to warming your entire home. 

2.  Heat Pump Isn’t Working Properly 

In some homes, external heat pumps help to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently. However, these heat pumps can fall victim to exterior elements, such as freezing rain or ice, and can result in HVAC fan blades becoming unbalanced, which causes significant problems. With the help of a highly-qualified, expert Dixie service professional, you can get your home warm and cozy again in no time.

3. Outdoor Elements Interfering with HVAC System

The winter season’s decrease in temperature, heavy rains, and high winds can result in many effects on the exterior of your home. While large plants and shrubbery may create a wind barrier for your HVAC unit, they also may cause an obstruction if branches, leaves, or debris fall during a winter storm into the unit. 
Additionally, any overflowing gutters may drip onto your HVAC or cause the area around your HVAC to become flooded. To prevent these outdoor issues, you must ensure a clean and safe area for your HVAC to function. Take it from us, preventing damage is a much easier fix than repairing and replacing a broken HVAC system. 

4. The Thermostat Is Broken

Sometimes, it’s not your HVAC system that isn’t operating correctly, but your thermostats. Broken thermostats need to be recalibrated, usually a result of faulty wiring or outdated batteries. If required, you can have your thermostat upgraded to an energy-efficient smart thermostat. With a properly working thermostat, your home will remain at the set temperature without fluctuating. 

5. Uneven Heating Throughout Home

Another HVAC problem during the wintertime is uneven temperatures. It can be so irritating when you walk into one room that seems like a sauna when the next room over feels like a meat locker. Often, uneven heating results from the elements of your home, combined with inadequate ductwork. Cracks in doorways or window sills can leak in cold outside air, causing drafts. Uneven airflow also could be a result of a leak in your home’s duct-work. Our Dixie professionals can accurately analyze your HVAC system and your home to discover and address the root cause of the problem!

6. Carbon Monoxide is Leaking

While this issue is of extreme importance, it’s not an obvious problem you would likely notice on your own. Carbon monoxide can come from anything that requires a fuel source, such as your HVAC, water heater, stove, or fireplace. Many carbon monoxide leaks occur due to cracked, rusted, or faulty heating systems and are virtually impossible to detect without a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide has many detrimental side effects, and it’s recommended to check your carbon monoxide detectors monthly. 

Recommendations from our Dixie Service Professionals

Don’t allow these common problems and repairs for your HVAC system to disturb your daily life, but instead, take some simple precautionary measures to help keep your home safe and comfortable throughout the entire winter season.

For this winter season, we recommend:

  • Be careful with space heaters. While space heaters are an effective way to warm up an area, many fire hazards accompany them. Be aware and be safe!

  • Prepare before it gets too cold. Make sure all of your air vents are open and replace your air filters regularly.

  • Call Dixie for an HVAC tune-up! It’s not too late to call us for a comprehensive inspection of your entire HVAC system. These tune-ups can reduce energy costs, prevent future damage, save you money in the long term, and give you peace of mind.


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