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5 Comforting Benefits of Investing in a Smart Thermostat This Winter

smart thermostat for hvac system

Since the 1970s, American households have doubled their energy usage, with 50 percent of energy going towards running your HVAC system. 

At the same time, it has never been more important for families to reduce their utility costs and their environmental impact. The solution? A programmable, smart thermostat! 

5 Unique Benefits of a Smart Thermostat 

Installing a smart thermostat can seem like an unnecessary investment at first. But after you review the benefits below, you’ll know that this device is a gift to your household – and one that keeps on giving!

At Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, we take pride in helping each family find the best HVAC routine for their needs and budget. And, almost always, this involves a smart thermostat, especially during the winter months! 

1. Decreased Utility Costs

Over the past years, we have all spent more time indoors than we ever thought possible, urging us to create a more comfortable indoor environment. In turn, this has caused a sharp energy increase, but facts show that the standard family home wastes over 35 percent of the power. 

By installing a smart thermostat, you can have better control over your home’s energy use and reduce its usage by 10 to 15 percent. Why that may not seem like a major difference, that reduction can translate into up to $150 of savings on utility bills a month!

2. Understand Your Energy Use

Many homeowners are confused when they receive their energy bills. We often don’t realize how much energy and resources we use during the day! With a smart thermostat, you can view your HVAC usage trends, adjust your HVAC schedule, stick to your monthly budget, and create a more eco-friendly home. 

3. Have Full Control of Your Home’s Environment – From Anywhere!

One of the most appreciated benefits of a smart thermostat is the unparalleled management it offers you over your home’s indoor environment. A smart thermostat will connect to your phone and other appliances in your home, which means that you can monitor energy distribution and indoor temperatures from anywhere.

4. Schedule More Accurate HVAC Usage Routine

Many homeowners struggle to adjust to a new HVAC routine when the seasons change. So, you might end up in a freezing home as the first frost of fall happens, or you might overheat your entire property as the temperatures increase in spring! A smart thermostat allows you to set an HVAC routine that is better for your wallet and home comfort.

5. Create a More Eco-Friendly Home

It has never been more important to focus on eco-friendly practices. Sustainability starts from your daily lifestyle! With a smart thermostat, you can cut down the level of energy wasted, keep the indoor temperature under control, and limit usage when you are not at home.

Discover More Benefits of Smart Thermostats This Winter

We all wish to create a healthy, comfortable indoor environment, especially as the winter temperatures drop. However, you don’t have to choose between saving money on your bills and a warm home with a smart thermostat! 

At Dixie, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind heating and cooling systems that fit your home’s unique needs–and it all starts with a smart thermostat!

Find the Best Thermostat for Your Needs at Dixie

Our Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air team has decades of experience in providing state-of-the-art thermostat installation and HVAC repair services. 

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