What’s Included in a Heating Maintenance Visit?

heating maintenance from Dixie

Your HVAC system is a valuable home asset, especially here in the Auburn – Opelika, Alabama area, where AC gets the biggest workout. Heat is welcomed, though, on those cold, damp winter nights. You could say that successful heating maintenance is a joint effort between homeowners and a professional home comfort service company like Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air.  

There are several general home maintenance tasks homeowners can do to help your technician keep your heating system running well. 

First, be sure any shrubs or other plantings are trimmed, so they’re not crowding the outdoor unit. Remove debris like grass clippings and leaves that could get inside the case. Finally, clearing gutters will help reduce debris falling into the unit from above. Indoors, regular vacuuming will help to keep ductwork free from dirt and dust.

The process for your heating maintenance depends on the specific type of HVAC system you have. For instance, if you have a furnace vs. a heat pump, the maintenance steps will vary. A heat pump requires maintenance on both an outdoor and an indoor unit. 

The following are general heating maintenance tasks that may or may not be needed for your system:

  • Cleaning & lubricating interior components
  • Adjusting or tightening electrical connections
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for any damage
  • Testing the exhaust system
  • Inspecting & cleaning the burner
  • Check gas pressure
  • Thorough cleaning of outdoor coils & drains
  • Checking that the thermostat working properly
  • Verifying refrigerant levels

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