When Should I Replace My AC Unit? Signs That Indicate It’s Time

When Should I Replace My AC Unit?

Is it Time to Replace Your AC Unit?

Homeowners in the Montgomery and Auburn-Opelika areas of Alabama know when they’re having problems with their residential AC unit, they need to Just Call Dixie!  You may need to simply repair or replace your AC unit.

No one wants to be without cooling in the sweltering Alabama heat. When your home’s AC fails, you want to feel confident that the company you call is proven and will have the skills needed for an AC repair as quickly as possible. Should you need an AC replacement, you want to know the company performing the AC installation is known for providing quality work in a professional manner. Rest assured, with Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air you get that and more. Every time.

When a residential AC unit breaks down, it’s typically not out of the blue. There are usually many indicators leading up to the total equipment failure. Because there are signs, that’s a key reason why regularly scheduled annual maintenance is vital. During the pre-season inspection, a skilled Dixie technician will perform a comprehensive check of the components and make repairs or replace broken parts when needed.

While regular AC maintenance will keep equipment operating efficiently and at peak performance, there comes a time when every home needs an AC replacement.

Telltale Signs it’s time

  • You’ve noticed a significant increase in home energy costs that’s unrelated to any other cause. Energy costs are probably the largest part of most household budgets. Older, less efficient residential AC units waste money. Dixie can show you how a newer, more efficient AC replacement can lower your monthly expenditures.  
  • Your current residential AC unit is old. If your air conditioning system is 15 – 18 years old, an AC replacement could be much more cost effective. HVAC technology improves all the time. A new AC installation equals higher efficiencies and less energy usage, meaning your bottom line may look a lot better if you replaced your aged residential AC unit.
  • You’ve been calling for repairs on your residential AC unit more and more. Parts wearing out over time is unavoidable, but if you’ve been experiencing frequent breakdowns, it’s probably time to consider an AC replacement. When repair costs begin to equal or exceed operational costs, you need to call Dixie for information about more advanced residential AC units that can save you money on monthly utility costs

When your residential AC unit is operating at its best, you’ll see the greatest level of efficiency. Continuing to repair an outdated system just isn’t making the best use of your hard-earned cash. Dixie’s trained Comfort Specialists have the experience to assess your current home comfort system and provide budget-friendly options that meet your needs.

Don’t wait. Call Dixie, and it’s done!