Dixie Cares Plan Makes HVAC Maintenance Carefree

The nights are getting cool and there are fewer and fewer daylight hours, which means it’s time for everyone to get ready for winter. Don’t run the risk of a heating system breakdown just when you need it most. So why haven’t you called Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air to schedule your tune-up? You say you forgot because it’s just something you don’t think about?

Well, we can solve that problem for you. Call us and talk with us about the Dixie Cares Plan. When you sign up, routine maintenance immediately becomes worry free. We will call you and schedule your appointment. Our plan is unlike the maintenance plans from many other companies, because we service virtually all of the systems in your home. You can customize the Dixie Cares Plan to meet your needs. You can pay one flat fee to include electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. You can buy each maintenance service individually. Or you can bundle two of them together. This is what you will get:

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems:
Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air will perform one air conditioning system tune-up and one heating system tune-up each year. The experts agree that routine maintenance will improve efficiency, increase equipment life, and reduce breakdowns.  It also satisfies manufacturer maintenance requirements to keep warranties in place.
Your Electrical System:
This service includes a full electrical safety inspection to spot any problem areas before they become a hazard. Spotting problems early can prevent damage to electronics and household appliances. More importantly, it can prevent catastrophic and often deadly fires.
Your Plumbing System:
Too many people ignore their plumbing until something bad happens, leading to costly repairs. The Dixie Cares Plan includes a full plumbing inspection. Even minor drips or leaky toilets wastes hundreds of gallons of water each month. Our licensed plumbers can identify and fix problems before they cause damage.

However you bundle your Dixie Cares Plan, there is a long list of additional benefits:

  • Same day priority service
  • 15% Savings on repairs
  • Lifetime warranty on work we perform in your home
  • Plan is transferable to new owners if you sell your house (great selling point)

So, why are you waiting? Call Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air and find out how affordable peace-of-mind can be by signing up for the Dixie Cares Plan.