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Dixie’s Ghostbusters Can Find HVAC Goblins

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Is your house haunted by hot and cold spots? Is it so bad that this conversation sounds familiar? “Oh sweetie, don’t you look cute in your Abominable Snowman costume for Halloween. Honey, doesn’t Gwenneth look cute?” To which Gwenneth says…

Wet Weather Makes Drain Maintenance Critical

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It was an extraordinarily wet summer in Central Alabama and now, as we move into fall, we’ve had to deal with the threat of more rain from tropical weather systems. Your friends at Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air want to…

Join the Catch Me In Pink™ Campaign

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☑  Help in the fight against breast cancer ☑  Have fun ☑  Win prizes The chances are good you know or love someone who has been touched by breast cancer. Many times, we struggle with how to help those who…